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Access to Wiley electronic journal collection
Library gained access to Wiley electronic journals collection. The resource has more than 1500 scientific journals on various subjects. The archive contains publications since 2002. Access to resources is organized by IP-addresses of SUSU. If you have any questions, please contact the Electronic Resources Hall.

Charming ladies, congratulate you on Women’s day!

This beautiful holiday in early spring comes to us when everything comes to life, thrives and blossoms. Let your life be eternal spring, let the sun shines brightly, let the birds sing, let the day be bright and cloudless. Smiles, joy and happiness!

Lectures on special bibliography for students: 3rd ,4th years (bachelors), 4th year (specialist programme), 1st year (master course)

Lectures on special bibliography for students: 3rd ,4th  years (bachelors), 4th year (specialist programme), 1st year (master course) are held in Reference Information Reading Room room 205/3D. the goal of the lecture is to learn how to search for information for writing diploma and masters dissertation.


23th of February – Defender's Day

Let the sun shine in the peaceful sky and trumpet  does not call in the campaign,

So that only in military exercises the attack went ahead.

Let the spring thunder wakes us up from sleep

And our children sleep peacefully today, tomorrow and always!

Good health and happiness to all those who defends our world,
And who protects it today, and who pays duty to the Motherland!

17th of February – Day of spontaneous kindness . Library forgives all debts
17th of February Day of spontaneous kindness, library organize day of returned book and debts forgiveness. Everywhere in library you will find Mailboxes of kindness. We are waiting for your requests to library and essays about kindness and morality around us.

Lectures on specialized bibliography

Lectures on specialized bibliography for students: 3,4 years (Bachelor's programme), 4 year (specialist programme), 1 year (Master's programme) are carried out in Reference reading room room 205/3D. Aim of lectures getting skills of searching information for diploma and dissertation.

Schedule of lectures

Access to ELS of «Lan» publishing house
South Ural State University Scientific Library has acquired access to the Electronic Library System (ELS) of the publishing house "Lan." The resource is represented by more than 2,500 electronic versions of textbooks for higher education on various subjects. Access to ELS is organized by IP-addresses of SUSU. For remote access to the collection you must be registered on ELS site from a computer of SUSU. If you have any questions, please contact the Hall of electronic resources.

Mass delivery of educational materials

Mass delivery of educational materials for students will be held from the 6th till 21st of February 2012 on delivery desk of  Natural sciences and technical literature department  according to the schedule.

Course for graduates «Information competence of the research assistants»

Training course Information competence of the research assistants for graduate students is a part of the Faculty of Advanced Studies SUSU. The scientific library SUSU (Smolina Svetlana Gennadievna) realizes the scientific and methodological support of the course.

Days of returned books, and debt forgiveness 25-26 January
Congratulations to all the students who keep in soul fire of creativity, thirst for knowledge, search and discovery. In connection with the holiday, 25 and 26 January at library desks there are Days of returned books and debt forgiveness. Pay attention to the schedule of library work during the holidays.

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